Have you heard about the health benefits of yacón syrup?

Have you heard about the health benefits of yacón syrup?

Are you following a ketogenic diet? If so you probably had to do a lot of research and some major adjustments to your diet. One of the biggest sources of debate and confusion on keto are which sweeteners to use. I have a massive sweet tooth. Visions of sugar plums are constantly dancing in my head. Luckily for those of us who love our sweets there are natural sweetener options that (in moderation) will keep us happy and in ketosis. The first keto sweeteners I learned about were xylitol and erythritol which are known as sugar alcohols.

So what are sugar alcohols? According Healthline, “Sugar alcohols have a structure similar to that of sugars but also contain an alcohol molecule. This means they taste sweet but are not absorbed and metabolized in the same way as sugar.”

Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, they are not without problems. According to Dr. Hardick, “The very thing that gives sugar alcohols their favorable metabolic impact is what causes them to be unfriendly to your gut: indigestibility. Xylitol and other polyols pass through your digestive tract largely undigested, so they become a source of gastric distress, gas, bloating, cramps and diarrhea.” I for one would like to avoid all those things, and I’m sure you would too. Fortunately there are other healthier options.

Here at Heidi’s Feel Good Foods all our products are made using a combination of Yacón syrup, monk fruit and stevia. If you haven’t heard of Yacón syrup yet I have good news for you!

According to Perfect Keto, “Yacon has a few beneficial compounds, ranging from prebiotic fiber to antioxidants, that may improve your health.

  1. Blood Sugar
  2. Prebiotics for Gut Health
  3. Weight Loss
  4. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
  5. Possible Anti-Cancer Benefits”

Isn’t that amazing? Switching your keto friendly sweetener could provide massive health benefits to you!

Even better, if you are reading this from inside America, you can order some all natural, wholesome, vegan, paleo, non-GMO, gluten free and keto friendly sweets and treats ready made, fresh and delicious delivered straight to your door anytime. Visit our shopify store, Heidi’s Feel Good Foods now to check out our amazing selection. Your tummy will thank you!

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